WILLIAM McNabb, Executive Director, managing operations for Brock Mission, Cameron House, & the Open Table.
Joining in 1993, he is the longest serving employee in the history of Brock Mission.
His local community involvement includes United Way review committee team captain , member of the Mayor’s Committee on Homelessness, Hutchison House museum Board member, and member of CMHC’s committee on Community Capacity to Serve the Homeless Population. He is currently a Board member for FourCAST, Peterborough Homelessness Services Coordination committee member, and a member of the Citizens’ Advisory Board for the United Way.
Bill has also served on the Board of Directors for the Ontario Association of Hostels, including 2 terms as President, and another as Conference Convener, hosting delegates from across Ontario to Peterborough.
In 2011, Bill was honoured as the premier recipient of the Leaurie Noordimier Memorial Award for “Outstanding Contribution in his Work to End Homelessness”, by the Ontario Association of Hostels.
BETH Armstrong, Supervisor, Cameron House
CORI MacDuff, Food Services Manager
Formerly a Resident Careworker at Cameron House, Cori came to this position in February 2012. In this role she is responsible for juggling food donations and volunteers in a coordinated effort, to get food on the tables for the Men’s Shelter, Cameron House, and the Open Table.
Even though Cori is new to the position, she has already shown us that she is well-suited to the task: She has a big heart and loves a clean kitchen!
Our RESIDENT CAREWORKER Team, Men’s Shelter @ Murray St.
        Bryn, Chris, Derek, Elliot, Jason, John, Rion & Tom
Our RESIDENT CAREWORKER Team, Women’s Shelter @ Cameron House
        Ashley, Aynsley, Diane, Nicole, Paige, Chantelle
TRENT Parmiter, Chair
My old boss at a homeless shelter in Toronto once told me that he believed we should serve in the community in which we live.  At the time I was commuting to Toronto from Peterborough. My boss was right.  Soon after that conversation I began to work in Peterborough.  
I have been able to continue to work within the homeless system by becoming involved with the Brock Mission board.
The Brock is my mission because it upholds the values of working respectfully and compassionately with people who have found themselves without a place to live. I recognize that most of us do not live too far from that reality. 
Homelessness is not a person problem, it is a community problem. This is just one of the ways that I have found that I can contribute to a solution. Micah 6:6-8 PAUL Plazek, Treasurer
Serving on the Brock Mission board is my way of contributing to an organization that does amazing work for the most disadvantaged in our community, and its local presence means that I can see first hand the benefits we bring to the area. Our board is constructive, accepting of others, and fun to be a part of. Everyone’s talents are put to good use, and I feel like I am making a positive difference in our society. KATHY Church
I believe a community’s health is measured by how it cares for its most marginalized members.  I’m on the Board of the Brock Mission to improve the health of the Peterborough community by working towards ensuring that our most marginalized and homeless members have access to safe housing, nourishing food, opportunities to overcome barriers and a place to belong.
JOYCE Hodson, Secretary
I originally was asked to help with the Brock Mission golf tournament and later was approached to serve on the Board of Directors.  I was happy to begin working with the Board as they also are the caretakers for Cameron House.  My heart goes out to the homeless women in our community and I visit with these ladies once a week.  I am excited about the future for both Brock Mission and Cameron House.  My wish is that both shelters thrive and continue to be a safe refuge for those in need. coming soon! coming soon! HISTORY STAFF 
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